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Trudy Benson - Navy Yard

Trudy Benson – Navy Yard

Walking into Trudy Benson‘s studio, I was struck by the tactile quality in her paintings and how the surface of the paint played a crucial role in reading and understanding her work. I immediately associated with the digital ‘space’ to her paintings which act almost like computer screens. The conflict between the flatness of the...
Michael Aitken - Williamsburg

Michael Aitken – Williamsburg

Michael Aitken is a painter currently living in Queens and working in Brooklyn. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design for Painting in 2010. His studio building is a block from the East River where the skyline of Manhattan runs undisrupted. Located in the basement, Mike’s “cave-like” studio is dark and secluded, a...
Clayton Schiff - Bushwick

Clayton Schiff – Bushwick

Clayton Schiff is an oil painter living in Bushwick, New York. He graduated from RISD’s painting department in 2009. His studio is located in the old Bruce High Quality Foundation space in Brooklyn. He most recently had a show of a group of paintings on paper at the Culture Room. In his interview, Clayton talks...
Tatiana Berg - Bushwick

Tatiana Berg – Bushwick

Tatiana Berg is a painter that (up until recently) lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She graduated from the RISD’s painting department in 2009 and has shown at the Queens Muesum, Nudashank, and Freight+Volume. My interview with her took place weeks before she moved out of her studio to attend Columbia’s MFA Program. Image courtesy of Greg...
Anthony Palocci Jr - Pratt

Anthony Palocci Jr – Pratt

Anthony Palocci Jr‘s studio was also located in the old dormitory converted studio building at Pratt. He invited us into his cleaned up studio. There, you could see the remenants of a completely utilized space but without the regular wear and tear of everyday studio. His work consists of observational paintings created from paper models...
Jeff Fichera - Bushwick

Jeff Fichera – Bushwick

Jeff Fichera graduated with an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In his new body of work, he has created these geometric grids that, to the viewer, live outside reality but in fact, are truly hyper-focused exercises in observational painting. F: Tell me about your space and...
Liz Ainslie - Bushwick

Liz Ainslie – Bushwick

F: Describe your process. LA: I have certain rituals, if you will, and one would be to lay down a bright pink under ground and thats going to start to dictate the palette. And then, if I like something I saw that I did in an earlier painting, I tend to keep doing that. I...
Sebastian Vallejo - Bushwick

Sebastian Vallejo – Bushwick

Where is your studio located? My studio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Where are you from and where do you live now? I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’ve been living in NY since 2009. Does Puerto Rico / Brooklyn influence your work in any way? As an islander, my work is...
Jonathan Chapline - Williamsburg

Jonathan Chapline – Williamsburg

Jonathan Chapline is an oil painter and digital artist living in Brooklyn. He currently has a studio at 17-17 Troutman in Bushwick Brooklyn. More of Jonathan’s work can be seen at JonathanChapline.com