#ffffff Walls features an inside look at artists' studios and their artistic practices.
Gallery Visit
Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters’s self portraits are earnest investigations in painting disguised in flamboyant sexual figures. His paintings border on the grotesque and yet they attract the viewer to look beyond the man boobs and the penetrating hand gestures, to the marks and the history behind each brushstroke. We first met Zuriel Waters at RISD where he...
Michael Assiff's Bali Ha'i @ Culture Room

Michael Assiff’s Bali Ha’i @ Culture Room

We met with Michael Assiff to talk about Bali Ha’i, his current solo show now up at the Culture Room. Green monochrome paintings fill the room alongside small prop items which seem casually placed within the space. Four large paintings face each other while a series of extinct animal pattern paintings are hung stacked vertically...
Picture Menu's Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu’s Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu is comprised of New York based curators/artists, Michael Kennedy Costa, Rachel LaBine, and Keith J. Varadi. The exhibition, ‘Elastic de facto’ features the works of four artists: Benjamin Bellas, Victoria Fu, Vlad Smolkin, and Brad Troemel. Each work is continuously rearranged within the gallery space in LA and photographed in detail of the...
Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte's 'Body Without Organs' @ FJORD

Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte’s ‘Body Without Organs’ @ FJORD

Courtesy of FJORD Gallery On the 4th of July, we headed to FJORD Gallery in Philadelphia, PA for an early look at their latest show, ‘Body Without Organs.’ ‘Body Without Organs’ is an installation showcasing the material-based paintings of Sean Robert Fitzgerald alongside the playful unconventional sculptural work of Alex Da Corte. Together, the work...
Christopher K. Ho - Y Gallery

Christopher K. Ho – Y Gallery

Christopher K. Ho is a New York based artist. We visited him while he was finishing installing his current show “Demoiselles d’Avignon” at Y Gallery. Utilizing 3D printed ceramics, antique glass and Color-aid paper, Chris creates art objects that vacillate between utilitarian coffee table-like sculpture and constructed painting. Following the path of his last show...