#ffffff Walls features an inside look at artists' studios and their artistic practices.
Sarah Faux - Ridgewood

Sarah Faux – Ridgewood

We visited Sarah Faux just as she was getting ready for her solo show at Stems Gallery in Brussels. Her studio, in the massive 17-17 Troutman building, we talked about her exploration in texture and color in her work and the analogous relationship between the body and paint. In addition...
Josh Sperling - Sunset Park

Josh Sperling – Sunset Park

We met with Josh Sperling in his Industry City studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. To get to his space, we passed through a furniture studio and walked into his meticulously organized studio reflecting the precision in his work. Each piece is carefully planned out to the wooden structures underneath to...
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Morgan Blair - Ridgewood

Morgan Blair – Ridgewood

Morgan Blair’s live/work studio is located in a converted two-story garage in Ridgewood, Queens. The neighborhood is quiet and the building is largely inconspicuous despite her recent foray into murals. We talked about her process where texture and masking dominate and where she sources her imagery from (Youtube tutorials, Seinfeld and Cheetos to name a...
Robin Kang - Ridgewood

Robin Kang – Ridgewood

In conjunction with curator and artist, Steve Mykietyn of Orgy Park, we visited Robin Kang‘s spacious studio located in Ridgewood, Queens. Focusing on weaving, fibers, and collage, Robin Kang utilizes these various techniques to transport the viewer to a place where the abstract and real meet with all of its plans and imperfections. Enlisting techniques...
Jennifer Lee - Bushwick

Jennifer Lee – Bushwick

Like many New York transplants, Jennifer Lee has figured out how to make a space work for all her needs. In her 2 bedroom apartment, she’s managed to turn it into a live space, studio space, and gallery space with her gallery window, Sister. Sister is Jennifer’s latest curatorial project where she displays fellow artists’...
Cortney Andrews - Bushwick

Cortney Andrews – Bushwick

Cortney Andrews‘s performance videos are entrancing though slightly difficult to watch as the viewer is made very aware of his or her own body. Cortney acts as Director in her latest pieces where she collaborates with friends and dancers to create these performances where the human body is put at a strain. The locations range...
Peter Schenck - Gowanus

Peter Schenck – Gowanus

Peter Schenck’s studio is located inside one of the old factory buildings right next to the Gowanus canal. Inside his studio, brightly colored pencil sketches and small pizza box-sized paintings line the walls. We talked about paint handling, the process of building up each of the surfaces, self-deprecating humor and of course, pizza. Peter is...
Mike Schreiber GCA

Mike Schreiber GCA

Mike Schreiber’s pieces look deceivingly light and airy hanging up on the wall with many of the pieces covered with perforations and textured paint. Upon closer inspection, we found that they were actually made of thick slabs of quartz which he would find scattered around on the street, for free, as if finding slabs of...
Austin Eddy - Greenpoint

Austin Eddy – Greenpoint

Walking into Austin Eddy’s studio, you get the impression that he is constantly producing. There are stacks and stacks of drawings, piles of in progress and completed paintings on canvas and sculptures lying neatly in piles in all areas of his small studio space. Even though his studio is a relatively new one since his...
Shara Hughes - Greenpoint

Shara Hughes – Greenpoint

We had been following Shara Hughes’ work for quite some time but had never seen her paintings in person nor met the artist herself. It was by chance that we ventured out for Greenpoint Open Studios and walked into her shared studio space where we instantly recognized her work. During our studio visit, we talked...
Alexandra Phillips - Bushwick

Alexandra Phillips – Bushwick

Alexandra Phillips’ work reexamines disregarded every day objects. She’s able to repurpose old toys, discarded signs, and materials that are specific to her surroundings to give them a sense of materiality and to create a platform to examine the excesses in every day. She defines her role as a “cultural worker.” During our many conversations,...
Emily Ludwig Shaffer - Bushwick

Emily Ludwig Shaffer – Bushwick

Emily Ludwig Shaffer is an artist currently working in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a BFA in Painting in 2010. Where is your studio located and how long have you been in your studio? Bushwick; 1.5 years Where are you originally from and where do you live...
Liz Ainslie - Bushwick

Liz Ainslie – Bushwick

F: Describe your process. LA: I have certain rituals, if you will, and one would be to lay down a bright pink under ground and thats going to start to dictate the palette. And then, if I like something I saw that I did in an earlier painting, I tend to keep doing that. I...
Sebastian Vallejo - Bushwick

Sebastian Vallejo – Bushwick

Where is your studio located? My studio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Where are you from and where do you live now? I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’ve been living in NY since 2009. Does Puerto Rico / Brooklyn influence your work in any way? As an islander, my work is...
Jeff Fichera - Bushwick

Jeff Fichera – Bushwick

Jeff Fichera graduated with an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In his new body of work, he has created these geometric grids that, to the viewer, live outside reality but in fact, are truly hyper-focused exercises in observational painting. F: Tell me about your space and...
Alex Markwith - Montauk

Alex Markwith – Montauk

Alex Markwith is an artist currently working in Montauk, New York. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a BFA in Painting in 2011. He has had solo shows at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (New York), Hiram Butler Gallery (Houston) and has recently been part of the Bone Yard Project at the...
Sterling Wells - Red Hook

Sterling Wells – Red Hook

Sterling Wells graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design for Painting. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Recently, he has shown at The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s 2012 Brucennial. During his studio visit, Sterling talks about what he looks for in a studio space, his past work and his works in...
Kelly McCafferty - Pratt MFA Studios

Kelly McCafferty – Pratt MFA Studios

Kelly McCafferty is an installation artist currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. She recently graduated from the Pratt MFA program for Sculpture. In her last few days at school, Kelly showed us her studio while at Pratt and talked about her thesis work and her future plans. F: Tell me about your most recent work....
Maiko Kikuchi - Pratt MFA Studios

Maiko Kikuchi – Pratt MFA Studios

Maiko Kikuchi is an installation artist from Pratt’s MFA program. Originally from Japan, Maiko speaks with us about her inspiration from her ‘weird’ dreams, her thesis installation and how her background in fashion design and illustration influences her work and her process. F: Can you talk about your background and where you came from before...
Nick Naber - Pratt MFA Studios

Nick Naber – Pratt MFA Studios

Hidden away in an old girls dormitory we met with Nick Naber, a recent MFA Painting graduate at Pratt. During our visit we talked about his journey into painting from architecture, the process he uses in his work and the influence the studio has on it. Nick currently lives and works in New York. F:...
Anthony Palocci Jr - Pratt

Anthony Palocci Jr – Pratt

Anthony Palocci Jr‘s studio was also located in the old dormitory converted studio building at Pratt. He invited us into his cleaned up studio. There, you could see the remenants of a completely utilized space but without the regular wear and tear of everyday studio. His work consists of observational paintings created from paper models...
Tatiana Berg - Bushwick

Tatiana Berg – Bushwick

Tatiana Berg is a painter that (up until recently) lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She graduated from the RISD’s painting department in 2009 and has shown at the Queens Muesum, Nudashank, and Freight+Volume. My interview with her took place weeks before she moved out of her studio to attend Columbia’s MFA Program. Image courtesy of Greg...
Sterling Wells - Outtakes

Sterling Wells – Outtakes

Some outtakes from Sterling Well‘s last installation to visually cool you down. Photos courtesy of artist.
Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Jasper Johns- Moratorium, 1969
GO Brooklyn

GO Brooklyn

For those of you living in New York, there is a very exciting community-based initiative called GO taking place today and tomorrow from 11 AM – 7 PM. Artists working in all areas of Brooklyn will open their studio doors to the public. You can then vote for your favorite artist and the winning artist...
Alex Markwith - Update & Outtakes

Alex Markwith – Update & Outtakes

Alex Markwith will be featured at the Hélène Bailly Gallery alongside another emerging artist, Littlewhitehead. “Constructions” will take place from September 20th to November 3rd in Paris, France. Here are some preview photos of the show along with some outtakes from our previous vist with Alex in Montauk, New York.
Ted Gahl - Connecticut

Ted Gahl – Connecticut

Traveling to rural Connecticut to see Ted Gahl’s studio, further and further out into the northeast landscape, I witness dilapidated factories scattered in between the hills of towns that have long been abandoned by thriving industry, and over time have gradually started to fade back into the surrounding nature. I realized through this emptiness what...
Mary Jones - Chelsea

Mary Jones – Chelsea

Mary Jones is a painter living and working in Manhattan. She travels back and forth from New York to Rhode Island where she teaches painting as an adjunct professor at RISD. She also teaches at SVA. We had a preview of Mary Jones’ current work at her building’s open studio. F: This one was here...
Clayton Schiff - Bushwick

Clayton Schiff – Bushwick

Clayton Schiff is an oil painter living in Bushwick, New York. He graduated from RISD’s painting department in 2009. His studio is located in the old Bruce High Quality Foundation space in Brooklyn. He most recently had a show of a group of paintings on paper at the Culture Room. In his interview, Clayton talks...
Happy Thanksgiving from #ffffff walls!

Happy Thanksgiving from #ffffff walls!

John Currin – Thanksgiving, 2003
Collin Hatton - Bushwick - Part I

Collin Hatton – Bushwick – Part I

I met up with Collin Hatton just as he was in the process of moving studios. This is Part I of his studio visit. We talked about his studio, his process, his current work and where it could lead. F: You were talking about a screen. Are these found screens? CH: Its a fine mesh...
Studio Visit Etiquette

Studio Visit Etiquette

Paper Monument’s I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette talks about the do’s and don’ts of the art world through personal accounts and excerpts. It’s an interesting read but the general consensus of those who provided an account, is that there is no social norm for the art world. There is no set guide for...
Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

As 2012 is about to end, we would like to thank you for your readership, support and for an amazing first year. We started this blog as a way to showcase a community of working artists and along the way, we were able to meet some truly talented people. For 2013, we are excited to...
Michael Aitken - Williamsburg

Michael Aitken – Williamsburg

Michael Aitken is a painter currently living in Queens and working in Brooklyn. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design for Painting in 2010. His studio building is a block from the East River where the skyline of Manhattan runs undisrupted. Located in the basement, Mike’s “cave-like” studio is dark and secluded, a...
James Payne - Williamsburg

James Payne – Williamsburg

James Payne is a sculptor with a particular interest in light, space, and texture. We’ve visited his studio several times before while James was working, but for this visit, he cleared out his in progress concrete molds and set up his space to showcase his more completed works. The only sources of light in his...
Sarah Sieradzki - East Williamsburg

Sarah Sieradzki – East Williamsburg

Sarah Sieradzki is a native New Yorker who received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Photography. She is currently living and working in East Williamsburg and delving into the world of painting using photography as her tool. Her studio visit took place in an immaculate basement space shared with...
Bradford Kessler - Bushwick

Bradford Kessler – Bushwick

We met with Bradford Kessler at his live/work space located in Bushwick, New York. His work, comprised of pieces from installations and performances, were organized to one side of the loft. During our conversation, we gathered around his computer screen to view his extensive body of work. Bradford Kessler is currently in his second year...
#ffffff Walls @ The Armory Show

#ffffff Walls @ The Armory Show

Last week the Armory Show went up on Pier 94 and 92. We checked it out and here are some of the works that caught our eye. If you happened to have missed the fair you can check out Artsy.net/thearmoryshow Tom Duncan @ Andrew Edlin Gallery Tom Duncan from ffffffwalls on Vimeo. Jim Campbell @...
10 Art Videos on Youtube

10 Art Videos on Youtube

Our list of top 10 Art Videos on Youtube consist of thoughtful moments and rare glimpses into the artists’ mind. 1. Artists Talk: Brian Chippendale 2.Mike Kelley: Art21 Don’t forget to check out the expansive retrospective of Mike Kelley’s work at PS1 up until February 2014 3. Gerhard Richter in the studio 4. Mickalene Thomas...
Ben Wolf Noam - Bushwick

Ben Wolf Noam – Bushwick

Ben Wolf Noam, is an artist who splits his time between studios in New York and LA. Overwrought with ivy, the facade of Ben’s Bushwick studio building is reminiscent of a decrepant New England Mansion . Perhaps it was a nod to his Massachusetts upbringing or maybe it was just the right space for the...
Christopher K. Ho - Y Gallery

Christopher K. Ho – Y Gallery

Christopher K. Ho is a New York based artist. We visited him while he was finishing installing his current show “Demoiselles d’Avignon” at Y Gallery. Utilizing 3D printed ceramics, antique glass and Color-aid paper, Chris creates art objects that vacillate between utilitarian coffee table-like sculpture and constructed painting. Following the path of his last show...
Trudy Benson - Navy Yard

Trudy Benson – Navy Yard

Walking into Trudy Benson‘s studio, I was struck by the tactile quality in her paintings and how the surface of the paint played a crucial role in reading and understanding her work. I immediately associated with the digital ‘space’ to her paintings which act almost like computer screens. The conflict between the flatness of the...
Korakrit Arunanondchai - Bushwick

Korakrit Arunanondchai – Bushwick

It seems as if Korakrit Arunanondchai‘s name is popping up everywhere. Collaborating with musicians and artists on videos and performances while simultaneously preparing for his show at CLEARING in both Brooklyn and Brussels, Korakrit Arunanondchai is not slowing down anytime soon. At the time of our visit, Korakrit’s studio was filled with denim fire paintings...
Bushwick Open Studios 2013

Bushwick Open Studios 2013

Bushwick Open Studios is this weekend May 31 – June 2 and there’s an overwhelming number (599!) of group shows, open studios, and performances in the East Williamsburg/Bushwick area. Here are some of our top picks by the next big artists you don’t want to miss. • Parallel Art Space presents: What I Like About...
Top 10 Art Documentaries on Netflix

Top 10 Art Documentaries on Netflix

Filtering through Netflix for a worthwhile art documentary to watch can be rough. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the work. Here’s our list of top 10 Art Documentaries to watch or put in your queue on Netflix. 1. Picasso & Braque Go To The Movies (2008) Picasso & Braque Go To The Movies (2008)...
Chelsea Gallery Guide

Chelsea Gallery Guide

The month of September marks the awakening of the art world after a slow vacation-filled summer. Take a look at our Chelsea Gallery Guide below for which galleries to hit up in the original art neighborhood of New York and for a list of openings in the area. Click here to download. Michael Raedecker “Tour”...
Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters’s self portraits are earnest investigations in painting disguised in flamboyant sexual figures. His paintings border on the grotesque and yet they attract the viewer to look beyond the man boobs and the penetrating hand gestures, to the marks and the history behind each brushstroke. We first met Zuriel Waters at RISD where he...
Cynthia Talmadge - Dumbo

Cynthia Talmadge – Dumbo

When Cynthia Talmadge is not painting, she’s translating her concepts into full scale sets or designing clothes. In the heart of Dumbo where her studio is located, we talked about navigating through her different modes of working from sand paintings to building a fake rehab center room. Her work was featured at Petrella’s Imports and...
Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Jasper Johns – Two Flags, 1970-1972
Summer Museum Exhibition Guide

Summer Museum Exhibition Guide

It is hot as HELL outside but luckily museums have A/C! Here is our Summer Museum Exhibition Guide to beat the heat. The Rain Room @ Museum of Modern Art May 12–July 28 Everyday, 10:30am-5:30pm West 54 Street, between Fifth & Sixth Ave PUNK: Chaos to Couture @Metropolitan Museum of Art May 9-August 14 Everyday...
Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte's 'Body Without Organs' @ FJORD

Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte’s ‘Body Without Organs’ @ FJORD

Courtesy of FJORD Gallery On the 4th of July, we headed to FJORD Gallery in Philadelphia, PA for an early look at their latest show, ‘Body Without Organs.’ ‘Body Without Organs’ is an installation showcasing the material-based paintings of Sean Robert Fitzgerald alongside the playful unconventional sculptural work of Alex Da Corte. Together, the work...
Picture Menu's Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu’s Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu is comprised of New York based curators/artists, Michael Kennedy Costa, Rachel LaBine, and Keith J. Varadi. The exhibition, ‘Elastic de facto’ features the works of four artists: Benjamin Bellas, Victoria Fu, Vlad Smolkin, and Brad Troemel. Each work is continuously rearranged within the gallery space in LA and photographed in detail of the...
Michael Dotson - Bushwick

Michael Dotson – Bushwick

We met with Michael Dotson in his Bushwick live/work space. We climbed up to where his bedroom/studio was located in his makeshift 2nd floor of his apartment. The space was crammed but laid out efficiently for a maximum amount of workspace. Michael’s paintings touch on a diverse array of subjects ranging from alien abduction to...
Michael Assiff's Bali Ha'i @ Culture Room

Michael Assiff’s Bali Ha’i @ Culture Room

We met with Michael Assiff to talk about Bali Ha’i, his current solo show now up at the Culture Room. Green monochrome paintings fill the room alongside small prop items which seem casually placed within the space. Four large paintings face each other while a series of extinct animal pattern paintings are hung stacked vertically...
Jules de Balincourt - Bushwick

Jules de Balincourt – Bushwick

We arrived in front of Jules de Balincourt‘s studio, a 2-story building formerly the site of Starr Space in the heart of Bushwick. The studio expands the entire first floor of the building and is a large open space with lots of natural light streaming in from the skylight above. There’s a wooden stage built...
5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

Jules de Balincourt http://instagram.com/julesdebalincourt Jules de Balincourt is relatively new to Instagram with only 26 posts since his start in February this year but his photos give some great insight to his life and especially his travels. Trudy Benson http://instagram.com/trudybenson Trudy Benson Instagram = Studio Diary She shares her most recent paintings and process shots...
Stephen Truax - Bushwick

Stephen Truax – Bushwick

Stephen Truax invited us into his expansive shared studio space where we got the opportunity to get a better understanding of his process. Truax’s small intimate works were lined up on the wall, drawing us in to look closer at his “beautiful surfaces”. At first glance, the marks appear effortless like happy accidents and in...

Bushwick Open Studios

Bushwick Open Studios is finally here! If you’re in the area, there’s tons of art, music and events happening. We are also live instagramming some great work so check out #FFFFFF Walls Instagram for some eye candy!
Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Another year, another 4th, another Jasper Johns flag painting! Jasper Johns-Flags II
5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

Clayton Schiff http://instagram.com/claytopia675 Clayton Schiff instagrams pretty regularly, providing new content every day. The images are particular in the way its shot and resembles a sort of sketchbook for his work. Looking at his Instagram, you can see the correlation between the humor in his photos and his work. Anthony Palocci http://instagram.com/apalocci There’s a certain...
Cooper Holoweski - Bushwick

Cooper Holoweski – Bushwick

Inside Cooper Holoweski‘s studio, there are multiple pieces in progress and it seems as though he has his hand in almost every type of medium including music, film and painting. Cooper’s paintings rest on the line between the digital and physical constructions. From first glance, the domestic imagery looks pretty straightforward but after a second...
This Week's Must-See Art Events

This Week’s Must-See Art Events

We get a weekly email update on the week’s art events and openings in New York courtesy of Artcards. If you’re not subscribed, we definitely recommend checking them out! This week’s was pretty lengthy (it is September after all), so we’ve combed through and chose our top picks on which art openings to go to...
Happy New Year from #FFFFFF Walls

Happy New Year from #FFFFFF Walls

Nancy Wells, Danville, Virginia | 1969 | Emmet Gowin (American) | Gelatin silver print Happy New Year! 2014 was an introspective year at #FFFFFF Walls. We thought about what kind of blog we wanted to be and what information we want to bring to you. After experimenting with a few things, we felt our sole...
Happy Holidays from #FFFFFF Walls

Happy Holidays from #FFFFFF Walls

Fränzi Reclining (Fränzi liegend) by Erich Heckel
Happy Halloween from #ffffff walls

Happy Halloween from #ffffff walls

Mary Wigman and a short clip of her “Witch Dance.”