Jules de Balincourt

Jules de Balincourt is relatively new to Instagram with only 26 posts since his start in February this year but his photos give some great insight to his life and especially his travels.

Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson Instagram = Studio Diary
She shares her most recent paintings and process shots as well as some cat-ographs and some rare glimpses into her life.

Tatiana Berg

Her instagram is funny, diverse and she’s constantly posting to keep things interesting. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at her life and her take on the things she’s seeing.

Ted Gahl

While there’s not that many photos from his personal life, you get the sense that Ted Gahl sees a lot of art. His instagram is more of a collection of paintings that he’s looking at and liking along with some studio shots and funny real world commentaries.

Michael Dotson

Life, work, and play all blur together in Michael Dotson’s instagram. He’s making references of his references, sharing his work, and the artist himself comes into play here.