is a new way to discover art you’ll love, featuring work from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the world.”

What makes different from, let’s say, Google Image?

Powered by the Art Genome Project which is similar to the idea of the Music Genome Project® used by Pandora, is capable of searching its database for pieces of work based on various characteristics or “genes” such as artist, medium, art historical movements, or subject matter. What makes it truly exciting is that once your chosen image shows up, there will be thumbnails on the bottom featuring works that are similar in concept. Subsequently this provides another way for art lovers to find new artists and new work and to eventually become art buyers. Its an idea that could expand the exclusive art world and allow more people access to it.

Although the site is still in development, you can request an invitation on for an email when it is ready.

Edit: Artsy is now online.