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Alicia Gibson - Bushwick

Alicia Gibson – Bushwick

Alicia Gibson’s paintings take you back to high school where the margins of your notebook pages are lined with crushes and doodles of hearts and peace signs. Only these are made up of layers of built up paint, found music sheets, key chains and fake flowers with loaded sayings like “MARRY ME” and “DECADES OF...
Jason Mones

Jason Mones

Jason Mones’ paintings are done in a humorous self-deprecating manner with masculine imagery like shields, beer, and meat as well as castration. His current body of work reflects on the current political landscape in the United States conveyed through loose narratives with thick layers of paint. We were able to visit Jason Mones just as...
Sarah Faux - Ridgewood

Sarah Faux – Ridgewood

We visited Sarah Faux just as she was getting ready for her solo show at Stems Gallery in Brussels. Her studio, in the massive 17-17 Troutman building, we talked about her exploration in texture and color in her work and the analogous relationship between the body and paint. In addition to her solo show, Sarah...
Josh Sperling - Sunset Park

Josh Sperling – Sunset Park

We met with Josh Sperling in his Industry City studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. To get to his space, we passed through a furniture studio and walked into his meticulously organized studio reflecting the precision in his work. Each piece is carefully planned out to the wooden structures underneath to how he stretches the canvas...