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Happy New Year from #FFFFFF Walls

Happy New Year from #FFFFFF Walls

Nancy Wells, Danville, Virginia | 1969 | Emmet Gowin (American) | Gelatin silver print Happy New Year! 2014 was an introspective year at #FFFFFF Walls. We thought about what kind of blog we wanted to be and what information we want to bring to you. After experimenting with a few things, we felt our sole...
Happy Holidays from #FFFFFF Walls

Happy Holidays from #FFFFFF Walls

Fränzi Reclining (Fränzi liegend) by Erich Heckel
Austin Eddy - Greenpoint

Austin Eddy – Greenpoint

Walking into Austin Eddy’s studio, you get the impression that he is constantly producing. There are stacks and stacks of drawings, piles of in progress and completed paintings on canvas and sculptures lying neatly in piles in all areas of his small studio space. Even though his studio is a relatively new one since his...
Shara Hughes - Greenpoint

Shara Hughes – Greenpoint

We had been following Shara Hughes’ work for quite some time but had never seen her paintings in person nor met the artist herself. It was by chance that we ventured out for Greenpoint Open Studios and walked into her shared studio space where we instantly recognized her work. During our studio visit, we talked...
Alexandra Phillips - Bushwick

Alexandra Phillips – Bushwick

Alexandra Phillips’ work reexamines disregarded every day objects. She’s able to repurpose old toys, discarded signs, and materials that are specific to her surroundings to give them a sense of materiality and to create a platform to examine the excesses in every day. She defines her role as a “cultural worker.” During our many conversations,...
5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

5 Artist Instagrams to Follow This Week

Clayton Schiff http://instagram.com/claytopia675 Clayton Schiff instagrams pretty regularly, providing new content every day. The images are particular in the way its shot and resembles a sort of sketchbook for his work. Looking at his Instagram, you can see the correlation between the humor in his photos and his work. Anthony Palocci http://instagram.com/apalocci There’s a certain...
Cooper Holoweski - Bushwick

Cooper Holoweski – Bushwick

Inside Cooper Holoweski‘s studio, there are multiple pieces in progress and it seems as though he has his hand in almost every type of medium including music, film and painting. Cooper’s paintings rest on the line between the digital and physical constructions. From first glance, the domestic imagery looks pretty straightforward but after a second...
Stephen Truax - Bushwick

Stephen Truax – Bushwick

Stephen Truax invited us into his expansive shared studio space where we got the opportunity to get a better understanding of his process. Truax’s small intimate works were lined up on the wall, drawing us in to look closer at his “beautiful surfaces”. At first glance, the marks appear effortless like happy accidents and in...
Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters @ GCA

Zuriel Waters’s self portraits are earnest investigations in painting disguised in flamboyant sexual figures. His paintings border on the grotesque and yet they attract the viewer to look beyond the man boobs and the penetrating hand gestures, to the marks and the history behind each brushstroke. We first met Zuriel Waters at RISD where he...
Michael Dotson - Bushwick

Michael Dotson – Bushwick

We met with Michael Dotson in his Bushwick live/work space. We climbed up to where his bedroom/studio was located in his makeshift 2nd floor of his apartment. The space was crammed but laid out efficiently for a maximum amount of workspace. Michael’s paintings touch on a diverse array of subjects ranging from alien abduction to...
Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

Edward Steichen (1879–1973), Ad for Coty Lipstick, c. 1930. Gelatin silver print. Whitney Museum of American Art Happy New Year! As 2013 closes, we would like to thank you for reading and supporting our blog. We couldn’t help but reflect back on what an incredible year of incredible artists we had and re-read some great...