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Julie Tuyet Curtiss - Bushwick

Julie Tuyet Curtiss – Bushwick

Evoking references to 19th and 20th century European portraiture, the female figure in all its glory is proudly on display in Julie T. Curtiss’s paintings but unlike traditional portraiture, their faces are intentionally obscured. Instead of voluptuous breasts, delicate gestures and a demure gaze, the female figures feature sharp pointy...
Austin Lee - Long Island City

Austin Lee – Long Island City

Austin Lee was in the process of getting ready for his two solo shows, “Pretty Pictures” at UTA Artist Space in LA and “Light Paintings” at BANK in Shanghai when we met up with him in his Long Island City studio. We explored topics ranging from living life through screens,...
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Michael Dotson - Bushwick

Michael Dotson – Bushwick

We met with Michael Dotson in his Bushwick live/work space. We climbed up to where his bedroom/studio was located in his makeshift 2nd floor of his apartment. The space was crammed but laid out efficiently for a maximum amount of workspace. Michael’s paintings touch on a diverse array of subjects ranging from alien abduction to...
Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

Happy New Year from #ffffff walls

Edward Steichen (1879–1973), Ad for Coty Lipstick, c. 1930. Gelatin silver print. Whitney Museum of American Art Happy New Year! As 2013 closes, we would like to thank you for reading and supporting our blog. We couldn’t help but reflect back on what an incredible year of incredible artists we had and re-read some great...
10 Art Videos on Youtube

10 Art Videos on Youtube

Our list of top 10 Art Videos on Youtube consist of thoughtful moments and rare glimpses into the artists’ mind. 1. Artists Talk: Brian Chippendale 2.Mike Kelley: Art21 Don’t forget to check out the expansive retrospective of Mike Kelley’s work at PS1 up until February 2014 3. Gerhard Richter in the studio 4. Mickalene Thomas...
Jules de Balincourt - Bushwick

Jules de Balincourt – Bushwick

We arrived in front of Jules de Balincourt‘s studio, a 2-story building formerly the site of Starr Space in the heart of Bushwick. The studio expands the entire first floor of the building and is a large open space with lots of natural light streaming in from the skylight above. There’s a wooden stage built...
Michael Assiff's Bali Ha'i @ Culture Room

Michael Assiff’s Bali Ha’i @ Culture Room

We met with Michael Assiff to talk about Bali Ha’i, his current solo show now up at the Culture Room. Green monochrome paintings fill the room alongside small prop items which seem casually placed within the space. Four large paintings face each other while a series of extinct animal pattern paintings are hung stacked vertically...
Chelsea Gallery Guide

Chelsea Gallery Guide

The month of September marks the awakening of the art world after a slow vacation-filled summer. Take a look at our Chelsea Gallery Guide below for which galleries to hit up in the original art neighborhood of New York and for a list of openings in the area. Click here to download. Michael Raedecker “Tour”...
Picture Menu's Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu’s Elastic de facto @ Carter & Citizen

Picture Menu is comprised of New York based curators/artists, Michael Kennedy Costa, Rachel LaBine, and Keith J. Varadi. The exhibition, ‘Elastic de facto’ features the works of four artists: Benjamin Bellas, Victoria Fu, Vlad Smolkin, and Brad Troemel. Each work is continuously rearranged within the gallery space in LA and photographed in detail of the...
Cynthia Talmadge - Dumbo

Cynthia Talmadge – Dumbo

When Cynthia Talmadge is not painting, she’s translating her concepts into full scale sets or designing clothes. In the heart of Dumbo where her studio is located, we talked about navigating through her different modes of working from sand paintings to building a fake rehab center room. Her work was featured at Petrella’s Imports and...
Summer Museum Exhibition Guide

Summer Museum Exhibition Guide

It is hot as HELL outside but luckily museums have A/C! Here is our Summer Museum Exhibition Guide to beat the heat. The Rain Room @ Museum of Modern Art May 12–July 28 Everyday, 10:30am-5:30pm West 54 Street, between Fifth & Sixth Ave PUNK: Chaos to Couture @Metropolitan Museum of Art May 9-August 14 Everyday...
Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte's 'Body Without Organs' @ FJORD

Sean Fitzgerald and Alex Da Corte’s ‘Body Without Organs’ @ FJORD

Courtesy of FJORD Gallery On the 4th of July, we headed to FJORD Gallery in Philadelphia, PA for an early look at their latest show, ‘Body Without Organs.’ ‘Body Without Organs’ is an installation showcasing the material-based paintings of Sean Robert Fitzgerald alongside the playful unconventional sculptural work of Alex Da Corte. Together, the work...
Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Happy 4th of July from #ffffff walls!

Jasper Johns – Two Flags, 1970-1972
Top 10 Art Documentaries on Netflix

Top 10 Art Documentaries on Netflix

Filtering through Netflix for a worthwhile art documentary to watch can be rough. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the work. Here’s our list of top 10 Art Documentaries to watch or put in your queue on Netflix. 1. Picasso & Braque Go To The Movies (2008) Picasso & Braque Go To The Movies (2008)...